'Theatre for Dialogue' NGO

Our aim is to humanise humanity.

We try to create the culture of dialogue to balance the culture of monologue.

We work with the methodology of the Theatre of the Oppressed, which was founded by the Brasillian theatre director Augusto Boal and is now used all over the world.

We work with communities to analyse their problems by means of theatre and creatively voice these issues through interactive theatre performances. 

During our performances we engage actors and spectators to find solutions of our common challenges. Thus, in our theatre a "spectator" becomes a "spect-actor". 

Do you want to be the actor of your life and not a spectactor?

Do you want to act in society instead of observing someone else act?

Come to the theatre!


'Theatre for Dialogue' initiative was founded in February 2014 as a movement of solidarity with the Euro-Maidan protesters and as an alternative to violence in response to the crisis in Ukraine.

Our Mission is contributing to social and economic equity and combatting discrimination in our society; building the culture of dialogue and contributing to reconcilliation and overcoming the negative effects of the military conflict in Ukraine. All of this contributes to the achievement of our main goal – humanising Humanity.

Areas of activity:

  • activisation of civic position of the vulnerable groups

  • activities around the effects of the military conflict in Ukraine – reconcilliation and promoting dialogue

  • empowering members of the vulnerable communities. Motivating them to create changes in their lives

  •  developing critical thinking about raising awareness among citizens about the nature of conflicts and about constructive ways of conflict resolution, especially among groups that are currently in the situation of conflict or experience discrimination (ethnic, gender and other)

Our partners:

  • Work with youth: 'Dialogue' NGO (Mykolaiv city), the Faculty of Psychology and Social Work in the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, the Faculty of Psychology of the Chornomorskyi State Petro Mohyla University (Mykolaiv city), 'Ptakh' festival (Zakarpattia region), Austrian Embassy, British Council Ukraine

  • Work with internally displaced people: UNDP, USAID, Crimea SOS, Odessa Impact Hub, 'Charkiv Dialogues' initiative, 'Cultural Dialogue' initiative (Kremenchuck city)

  • Work with activists: Maidan Museum, Solidarity Center Ukraine (Kyiv), DocuDaysUA festival (Kyiv), 'Akhalar' center (Chernihiv city), Equity Fest (Kyiv), 'The School of Kyiv' biennial

  • Work with cultural workers: Melitopol Museum of Local Lore, 'Open Place' NGO, GogolFest (Kyiv)

  • Work with people with disabilities: 'Generation of Successful Action' NGO

Theatre for Dialog